A Visa application to the United Kingdom following a refusal to another nation is a difficult task. Now if that nation is America, it becomes that much worse. This is because the United States and the United Kingdom have strong political ties; making their data of visa refusals available for each other’s governments.

This can be an unfair fact as a visa refusal could occur due to any number of reasons, not all enough to condemn an individual to not getting another visa. Our immigration lawyers at the SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) understand this unfairness, and work twice as hard to ensure that your visa application to the UK leaves nothing to chance,  giving no room for the immigration assessing officers to reject based on discretion.

Such was the case of Sana Ali (names have been changed) and her family, where both mother and daughter were previously refused a visit Visa application to the United States. Ali is a school teacher with a short summer break, during which her family and her have planned a vacation to the United Kingdom. To make matters more of a race against time Sana’s brother had flown in from the Middle East specifically to apply for his UK Visa along with the rest of his family. In all, 4 members of the Ansari family had come to us for their UK Visit visa, with 2 refusals and a time crunch between them.

But thanks to some skilled documentation and application work by SmartMove associates Surabhi Singh (Senior Immigration advisor) and Saurav Vasandi (Visa documentation expert), Sana and family for the family time they were looking for, in the place they wanted.

Congratulations are in order Sana, and also good wishes for your travels through the UK. On behalf of the SmartMove Immigration associates we hope you and your family have a vacation to remember forever!

And congratulations to Surabhi and Saurav, for earning yet another 5 Star Review to our growing treasury of glowing reviews and testimonials! Because behind every 5 Star Review, there’s a 5 Star story waiting to be told.

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