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I would like to thank you heartily for your assistance with my Visa.
I received my Visa on 17th.

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It has been a pleasure interacting with your team. I must mention that Surabhi has been most pleasant and helpful during the process! So was Sisira, who’s persistent reminders kept me hooked to Smartmove2UK till I had all the documents!!
I hope dependent Visas also work out fine.I’m planning to leave for UK on 5th March.

Dr. Ruchi.


I was someone who had never sought assistance for visa applications but felt overwhelmed for the documentation required for my partner’s dependant application. We contacted SmartMove and they helped us compile all that was needed to ensure a positive outcome.

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My partner received the visa today and I would like to thank you very much! Would definitely recommend them, especially if you are dealing with past visa refusals or you’re unclear about documentation needed.”


Neil-Dexter-DSouzaAkhila Kadagathur, UK visa refusals - Bangalore
Dear Mamta,
Cheers! It’s finally here.
I’ve attached a copy of Visa stamp for Amal and Chriselda.
Thanks again!
Hi Surabhi, Joyce and Mamta,

This is to keep you posted that my entry clearance has arrived. Thank you for your help in the whole application process. I really appreciate the rigour and customer centric approach the team has demonstrated during my application. This was very professionally managed.

Thank you all.


Dear Mamta,

This is the 3rd time I am approaching SmartMove2UK. If you are thinking about UK call SmartMove. They will enrich your ideas, guide you through out the process and most importantly they are approachable. Team headed by Mr.Hemang followed by Joyce, Mamta everyone are quite helpful.

Ms. Dhivya Geethanand

“Hi Everyone,
I’m so happy and glad to inform that I received my EEA Family Permit visa, and I would like to thank The SmartMove2UK team for this I am really grateful and thankful to Surabhi, Mamta, and Joyce for their wonderful efforts. I remember talking to Surabhi and she explained to me so well everything in the introductory call…

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It was so detailed and precise and I understood the complete process with ease. Mamta was so helpful to me with regards to perfectly aligning all the required documents. Surabhi and Mamta really guided me through the whole process with ease. I’m so glad that I went with The SmartMove2UK team and they definitely guided me in the best way to attain EEA Family Permit visa to the UK.
Thank you team”


I approached SmartMove2UK with very little hope. My visa to UK for Essay Film Course as a student was denied by UK High Commission in spite of the
Invitation and full sponsorship from the University,

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courtesy to the false Information provided by my employer that I no longer work for them.
I was not Only denied visa but was also banned to apply for 10 years because the UK High Commission thought that I had intentionally provided false details regarding my Employment. To make matters worse, visa of my wife who was also selected for The course along with me, was also denied citing that the credibility of her Application was at stake since we applied together. I went to my employer and Made them sent a correction letter but there was no response from the High Commission even after their repeated queries.
I came across the website of SmartMove2UK while frantically searching in the net on “what next if UK had Banned you”. The first contact with Joyce gave me a feeling that all doors are not Closed. She convinced me to have a meeting with Hemang who after an hour meeting was able to address my worries and convince me that we still stand a chance. Hemang suggested me to reapply and gave a list of documents to present along with it. A special thanks to Surabhi Singh who patiently went through all the documents, answered my every single query and meticulously prepared the application form along with the documents.
Both of us received our visa on the 4th day of application, exactly as said by Surabhi. We have successfully completed the course and are back from UK.
Thanks to Hemang and SmartMove2UK team, without them this would never have happened. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody who wants to apply for a UK visa.
Keep up the good work, guys!
– Rohit Ramakrishnan


Hi Falguni,
It was such a delight receiving the new of our visa been granted. I must show my heartfelt gratitude and especially to you for your wonderful contribution. You put hard work to make this process simpler. We were very nervous at first, let alone dealing with all paper work for UK visa process. You and your team took all the pain and made it positive. The team was friendly while taking on the phone and provided detailed email responses and were very patient dealing with queries.
My family and I cannot describe how happy we are received our visas and will always remember this. We are eternally grateful and appreciate you.
Thank you to Falguni for helping my son get a visa to join me in the UK.
I was not sure about applying for the spouse visa and everyone had told me that I would have to wait for 6 to 9 months to apply for the visa. However when I spoke to Falguni she gave me a clear understanding of the rules and also helped me to understand how I could qualify based on the savings that I had. I am thankful to Falguni and the team at Smart Move 2 UK for all the help and support in getting me a visa.

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