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Home Office officials have made more than 5,700 changes to the UK immigration rules since 2010, a Guardian analysis has revealed, making the visa system nearly impossible to navigate, according to senior judges and lawyers.
The rules have more than doubled in length to almost 375,000 words, resulting in a complex system which has been called “something of a disgrace” by Lord Justice Irwin and prompting a radical overhaul.

The analysis shows that at some points the Home Office introduced changes at dizzying speed, publishing new sets of changes a week apart or less on seven occasions.

The frequency of the changes means it’s very difficult to keep on top of them. You have to read all the immigration rules updates that’s coming out and it’s very hard to be certain you’ve captured every single change that might be relevant to your clients. The changes are often hurried out, which means they can be badly written. They can be very difficult to understand, even for judges and lawyers.

1. Home Office ‘breaking law’ to expel highly skilled migrants

September 14, 2018.
A judge has accused the Home Office of breaking the law and acting in a “nonsensical” way in trying to force two highly skilled migrants out of the UK by triggering a terrorism-related part of immigration law. At least 1,000 highly skilled migrants seeking indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK are wrongly facing expulsion from the UK under paragraph 322(5) for making legal amendments to their tax records, according to the support group Highly Skilled Migrants.

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2. Relax rules on foreign students staying to find work in UK, report

September 11, 2018.
British universities and business have criticized the government’s chief migration advisers for “missed opportunities” in a long-awaited report on international students. Dame Janet Beer, president of Universities UK, said: “While the report recognises the enormous contribution international students make to life in the UK, we are disappointed with its main recommendations. We agree that the government and the sector should continue to work together to grow the number of international students, but growth will only be possible if we have an immigration system that encourages talented international students to choose the UK.”

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3. Changes relating to Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) of the Points-Based System

July 06, 2018.
The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa will henceforth be open to leading fashion designers.
The British Fashion Council will assess their applications, under the endorsement remit of the Arts Council of England (ACE).
The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent route has also opened up to a wider pool of TV and film applicants. Currently the Exceptional Talent visa allows you to stay in the UK for five years, after which, if you qualify, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

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4. UK offers ‘Calais leave’ to children denied asylum

September 13, 2018.
Children who were refused asylum after being brought to the UK when the Calais refugee camp was closed are to be granted leave to remain in the country. A total of 549 children were transferred to the UK to be reunited with family members when the camp was cleared in October 2016, but a small number did not qualify for refugee status under immigration rules. These children would have either been removed from the UK or given unaccompanied asylum child (UASC) leave, which expires when the child turns 18.

However the government is to offer this group “Calais leave”, which will grant those who qualify the right to study, work, and have access to public funds and healthcare, with the option to apply for settlement after 10 years. The rule change will take effect in the autumn.

For more details, have a look at the full story published by the Guardian:
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