UK Immigration rules require a British resident to be earning a minimum amount before they can bring a non-EU spouse to the UK under the Spouse Visa UK. These rules have been strictly adhered to by the Supreme Court. Does this policy affect families? You bet.

“My Baby has done nothing to deserve being without a father”

Ms. Rowland from Leicester met her Libyan husband Mohamed El Faramawi while on holiday in Cairo in 2009. They got married six years later.

But as the 25-year-old does not earn the minimum Spouse Visa requirement of £18,600 a year, her husband has been kept from joining her and their 1 year old son Ahmed in Leicester.

She expresses gravely, “I feel very guilty towards my baby,”

“He hasn’t done anything to deserve being without his father.”

Ms. Rowland works as a part-time accountant and says she cannot afford to work full-time hours as she also needs to care for Ahmed.

Ms. Rowland and M. Faramwari are just one out of countless other couples who are unable to meet the minimum income requirement that came into effect in July of 2012.

Under the migration policy, the only people who can apply for sponsoring their foreign spouse are British citizens, foreign nationals who are deemed to be “present and settled” in the UK, and those with refugee status.

“Just because she happens to fall in love with me and I have the wrong passport, she isn’t allowed to live with me in her own country,”

UK citizen Lauren Siegel and her American husband Simon Pauling are facing the possibility of a splitting less than a year after their wedding.

“Just because she happens to fall in love with me and I have the wrong passport, she isn’t allowed to live with me in her own country,” says a noticeably distressed Pauling.

Simon’s UK student visa expired in January and he has applied for an ILR( leave to remain), but if that is refused, he would have to leave the nation.

Lauren would then need to earn a minimum of £18,600 per year while being a full-time graduate student, for six months at the least in order to bring Simon back to her.

Lauren, from Newcastle, says she cannot work full-time while she is studying. “It doesn’t seem right,” she says.

“I think it is ridiculous to put a financial requirement on love,” adds Simon, who met his Lauren when they were both teachers in Russia.

Now the key question: What can we learn from these cases?

These individuals we mentioned above all showed tremendous character and courage to get past their problems. They prove that human emotions are the same, no matter which side of which border you are from. But there are ways to prevent yourself from facing such taxing situations.

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