One of the most common misconceptions that the clients of fiance visa UK consultants in Delhi have is that the fiance visa and the spouse visa are the same. If you are looking for spouse visa requirements, then please feel free to find all the required details here.

Today we are going to explore a lesser known visa to the UK, one specifically designed for individuals looking to have their wedding with a British citizen in the UK.

Non-UK individuals, who are planning to marry a British citizen or permanent resident in the UK, are entitled to apply for a fiance visa in order to come to the UK for their wedding. Unlike most other visas of its kind, there is no requirement that the applicant and their fiance have lived together before applying.

Here are some of the details of the fiance visa that should enable you to understand if you are eligible to apply or if you should choose to opt for another UK visa. For clarity regarding the same, contact our fiance visa UK consultants in Delhi.

Fiance Visa Requirements

  • The sponsor and the applicant must intend to get married within six months after receipt of the Visa.
  • They must have met each other at least once before.
  • They must have the intention of living together permanently.
  • The applicant must be able to support themselves or be supported by their partner, without access to public funds.
  • There must be an adequate accommodation to live in a place.

Conditions of the UK Visa

  • Successful applicants are granted a 6 month visa in which to come to the UK and get married. Applicants are NOT allowed to work under the Fiance Visa.
  • Applicants must then apply for a marriage visa once married, which if successful, can be held for a total of 60 months, with a renewal at 33 months before applicants become eligible to apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

If you do intend to live in the UK with your British partner for more than six months after the wedding, then you must apply for a spouse visa. The spouse visa does entitle the holder to live and work in the UK; it is a settlement visa. The UK spouse visa requirements entail a few more criteria than the fiance visa, therefore we recommend you to contact professional UK Visa consultants in order to move further with your UK migration process.

If you intend to marry in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact professional fiance visa UK consultants in Delhi for complete start-to-finish guidance with your fiance visa application process. Do not hesitate to contact The SmartMove2UK.

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