It is a culturally, historically and economically significant time for the UK. Home Secretary Sajid Navid’s white paper published on Wednesday pays testament to that statement. A white paper is a calculated proposal by the Home Secretary to the British Government asking for a change in the current immigration law of the UK.

What was so great with this Home Office latest news about immigration?

In possibly the biggest proposal for change in Britain’s immigration system in 40 years, UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid laid out a new immigration system based on skills and talent, regardless of where the people are from.

The publication proposes the removal in its entirety of the cap on the number of work visas issued by the UK, presently referred to as Tier 2 General visas. The current cap is 20,700 per year on Tier 2 General visas, is fairly restrictive for talent from countries like India.

In addition, the proposed plan stayed true to the promise of equal opportunity by ending the requirement for the cumbersome Resident Labour Market Test [RLMT]. Under RLMT UK employers who are on the Tier 2 sponsor register are required to advertise the job for 28 days to find suitable UK or EU workers – they are required to demonstrate that suitable workers from within the UK and EU were not available and hence the position is filled by non EU national. With the removal of the RLMT, this will no longer be necessary, ensuring that UK employers can competitively access key talent without having to unduly wait to hire them.

The new skilled work visa route is intended to be open for non-EU as well as EU citizens. The route is intended to have a minimum annual salary requirement in the ballpark of £ 30,000, and would require sponsorship from the employer.
What is noteworthy about this new potential work visa is that it would be open to workers with intermediate skills, such as A level, and not just university graduates. At the same time, the visa holders of this new category would be allowed to bring dependents, extend their stay, switch to other routes, and settle permanently, just like the present Tier 2 General visa.
“We are taking a skills-based approach to ensure we can attract the brightest and best migrants to the UK,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid said in a statement.

The Indian Angle

This revelation comes as great news to highly skilled Indian professionals typically graduates from Information Technology, Engineering, in addition to those from Accounting, Business Management and even fashion designing. Educated, skilled Indians (And skilled migrants from the rest of the world) might be in for a great future in the UK post Brexit.

At The SmartMove2UK, our UK Immigration experts have always supported Home Office initiatives that put applicants on an equal footing with objective criteria, we look forward with interest on the deliberations in the UK Parliament on these points.

In the interim if your company wants to apply for Tier 2 sponsor license or to carry out the Resident Labour Market Test or if you have received a Certificate of Sponsorship and would like to apply for Tier 2 Visa our UK Immigration experts can guide you through every step of the way.

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