Visas allow individuals to enter the country for which the visa is granted to fulfil the purpose of their visit. Most countries of the world do not allow citizens of other countries to enter their territory without ascertaining the complete particulars of the individuals intending to gain such entry through a visa application process as far as UK Immigration advice is concerned. The country’s immigration authority holds the power to determine which visa applications may be granted based on the guidelines provided by the immigration legislation post-Brexit of that country. The countries also have guidelines for the visa applicants, to inform them of the requirements of visa applications for different purposes which individuals wish to achieve by gaining entry to those countries.

A prudent visa advice UK assists in entire procedural and regulatory formalities which most of the immigrants are not conversant with. Most people tend to think that immigration legislation and visa applications are pretty straightforward unlike regular legislation dealing with property, criminal, civil and other such matters. A common misconception of the public (particularly in India) about UK immigration advice is that immigration legislation does not require professional legal interpreters to provide any assistance with its understanding. The complexity of immigration legislation is no lesser or greater than other legislation, yet the need for a legal professional is felt by the public in these other matters. This is the reason that visa applicants face refusals on their applications.

A refusal for a visa application has repercussions far deeper than the monitory loss suffered by these applicants. Each refusal adds to the negative immigration history of the said applicant(s) which not only affects the subsequent visa applications of the said individual to that country but may also affect the individual’s visa applications to other countries (in cases of countries which share immigration information). Even in cases, where there is no shared immigration information between countries, a visa refusal from a country attracts the negative attention of the immigration authorities of other countries leading to closer scrutiny of that applicant’s situation. To avoid Visa refusal, an individual must opt-out for UK immigration advice for successful visa applications.

It is of paramount importance that an immigration professional (lawyer/ solicitor/ barrister) to understand the technicalities of immigration laws as regards UK Immigration advice which could be easily misinterpreted by the applicants when trying to understand it for themselves. We as an immigration law firm, specialising in immigration laws of the UK and other European countries, have seen numerous cases of refusals resulting from seemingly insignificant mistakes (according to the applicants) on the part of the applicant. Some applicants have had to face country bans from the UK for providing incomplete information which was construed as fraudulent misrepresentation by the UK immigration authority.

It is strongly advised that individuals not wait till they have received a UK visa refusal or a country ban to approach immigration lawyers for help. There is no harm in seeking the precautionary assessment of the merits of your visa application from professionals before making the application and avoid suffering the loss of valuable time and money which would arise from a refusal.

We at The SmartMove2UK have assisted hundreds of visa applications to successfully migrate to the UK. Should you require assistance, feel free to drop in your details in the form below and one of our UK professional immigration experts will get in touch with you at the earliest. For further queries and clarifications, call us on +91-9819127002 or email us at and book your consultation appointment. You can find our presence in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru as well as Mumbai being our registered office along with international boundaries extending to London.

I have an Indian passport living in Belarus with permanent residency can I apply for UK visa from Belarus

- General Question
Yes, you are required to apply for a visa to UK depending on country of citizenship and the purpose of travel.

How to get UK visa for making youtube videos like pewdiepie did?

- Question asked in a forum
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg better known online as PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber – before Brexit any EU national could live and work in UK without any visas as part of Free movement. Post Brexit, EU nationals need to apply for a relevant visa. You can contact an experienced Immigration Advisor to determine your eligibility to live and work in the UK and create content for YouTube.


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