The Home Office published the ‘Statement of Changes CP 232’, on 14th May 2020 introducing certain changes to the existing UK Immigration Rules pertaining to certain categories of visas/immigration applications, these impacted the following categories including Representative of an overseas business or Sole representative visa, Tier 2 intra company transfers,Start-up, Innovator and Global Talent, Restriction for Tier 4 (General) Students applying within the UK,EU Settlement Scheme and EEA Family Permit, Family category (Spouse/Civil partner) [Appendix FM and FM-SE]

Whilst a majority of these changes are aimed at further specifying and clarifying the underlying aspects of the Immigration Rules which were provided for within the guidance for those specific categories of visas or previously left for interpretation. The changes are to take effect from 4th June 2020 (majority of them).

For the Immigration Rules pertaining to family (Spouse and dependent children) settlement category of visas (Appendix FM & FM-SE), the Home Office has specified (through the said statement of changes) that the suitability requirements have been amended to allow those applicants convicted of criminal offences and sentenced to imprisonment of over 12 months and up to 4 years would not be subject to automatic refusal of limited leave to remain applications if 10 years have elapsed from the date their sentence (under the conviction) ended.

Further applicants applying under the family visa route including spouse visas, civil partner visa, unmarried partner visa, fiancé visa and meeting the financial requirement through the self-employment route must submit company accounts signed by accountants recognised by certain accounting organisations; this list of recognised accounting organisations has been expanded.

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