Options on refused UK Sole Representative visa application & how you can expand your business!

by UK business immigration lawyers in India

Published on: 15th July 2022
Reading time: Approx 4 mins

Overview of UK Sole Rep visa route?

  • The route enables the holder to work as a representative of a business subsidiary in order to open a registered branch or a completely owned subsidiary in the UK.
  • Because of its characteristic that allows the holder to build a branch of their overseas business in the UK without any investment, the UK Sole Rep visa route is a popular choice among investors and business people.
  • It’s also appropriate for staff of journalism and media organisations in the UK who are engaged on a long-term project.
  • Applicants who are senior workers but not majority stockholders are eligible to apply for this route.

Options on refused UK Sole Representative visa application

If your application for UK sole representative has been refused you will have the option to file for an Administrative review.

What is Administrative review?

If your visa application is denied, you may request a review of the decision only if instructed to do so in the letter notifying you of the rejection. You don’t have a full right of appeal if your visa application was denied under the Points-Based System, but you can request for an Administrative Review.

Along with the denial letter, you will also receive a notice requesting an administrative review and some instructions.

If you believe the embassy erred in rejecting your request for a visa, you may request an administrative review.

You can also consider applying for other visa categories that you may be eligible for, like the UK Expansion Worker.

The UK has launched a new visa route under the Global Business Mobility category – known as the UK Expansion Worker visa as an options on refused UK Sole Representative visa application.

If you are looking for business expansion to the UK after refusal of a UK Sole Rep visa then you can set up a UK branch with a UK Expansion Worker visa.

What is the UK Expansion Worker visa?

  • The UK Expansion Worker visa is for foreign workers looking to work in the UK on a temporary basis. The employee in that overseas company must be either a senior manager or a specialist.<