The thought of going to the UK seems quite fascinating and why shouldn’t it be, the UK is an as beautiful as a dream and getting an opportunity to travel to the UK is definitely a dream come true. But as much as we would like to think that getting a Visa for the UK is easy, it is not any more. With the increasing number of application, it is observed that quite many applications have to face refusals. This is exactly where we come into the picture.

Our UK Visa Consultants in Delhi guide such Individuals who are aggrieved by the decision of the Home office and ensure that they get Justice. If your visa application has been refused under the Points-Based System, you don’t have a full right of appeal, but you can apply for an Administrative Review. You will get an Administrative Review request notice and guidance notes along with the refusal notice.

What is Administrative Review?

When your application for the visa is refused you can ask for the decision on your visa application to be reviewed only if you are told to do so in the Refusal application letter. This is known as the Administrative review.

If you are in the UK and:

  • Your application was refused, then you must apply for an administrative review withi