The UK is still regarded as a place of tremendous opportunity, but applying for a UK visa can be stressful. It’s easy to get swept away when someone promises to help make it easier – or if you’re told you need to hand over more cash to process your application. We look at a few of the most common UK visa scams and ways you can protect yourself.

Common approaches

Scammers tend to use one of two main tricks. They usually either promise to make your UK visa application quicker or claim that there is a problem with your current visa or application.

Their solution could be to offer you an easier route to obtaining your visa, but scammers will usually require a down payment of some sort.

Tips to prevent you from these scams:

  • The scammer’s offer an easy job in the UK without any formal job interview or faster and easier UK visa process.
  • The scammers will try to force you to act immediately otherwise your offer will be cancelled.
  • The scammers ask you to pay a particular amount either in cash or by using insecure payment methods such as money transfer, Ukash vouchers or Paysafecard. Did you know these payment methods do not allow a recipient to be traced?
  • The scammers will ask you about your confidential information such as bank account numbers or credit card details via call or email.
  • Their website does not look professional or there will be no information about their organisation.
  • They may email through a free email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail or Gmail. A legit UK employer or UK immigration agent will not use Hotmail or Gmail email address.

Please note official email address is generally in one of the following formats:


The following are the formats generally of official Foreign and Commonwealth Office email addresses:


If you are Suspicious:

  • Do not give out any personal information or confirm that any personal information they have is correct and accurate.
  • Do not transfer any money to their account.
  • Make sure the company offering the job is legit, by doing a background check on the company.

Have you been a victim of fraud? You don’t want to either.

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