The UK has always been a bustling land of new opportunities and has been touted as the “IT-spot” for so many different avenues from business to just leisure. It’s no surprise that every day thousands of people apply for UK visas even after the recent Brexit. The most common form of all these visas is, of course, the visit visa. In fact, did you know about close to 85% of all applications consist of visit visas?

Thanks to the stringent immigration policies of UK, the UK Visit Visa requirements can be quite tedious. Hence we at The SmartMove2UK, UK Visit Visa Consultants in Chandigarh, work to curb an aspiring UK visitor’s chances of visa rejection. Our associates have listed down a quick guide as to the requirements for applying for a visitor visa.

UK Visit Visa Requirements:

The first and the foremost UK visit visa requirement is to know the purpose of your visit as the Standard Visitor Visa with sub-categories such as Family visitor visa, general visitor visa, child visitor visa, business visitor visa, entertainer visitor visa, prospective entrepreneur visa, private medical treatment visitor visa.

The second most important aspect of this whole ordeal is the documentation aspect which is the leading cause of most rejections – It is important that the visa applicants correctly list the appended information for their visit visas:

  1. the dates you’re planning to travel to the UK
  2. details of where you’ll be staying during your visit
  3. how much you think your trip will cost
  4. your current home address and how long you’ve lived there
  5. your parents’ names and dates of birth
  6. how much you earn in a year
  7. details of your travel history for the past 10 years (as shown in your passport)
  8. your employer’s address and telephone number
  9. your partner’s name, date of birth, and passport number
  10. the name and address of anyone paying for your trip
  11. the name, address and passport number of any family members you have in the UK
  12. details of any criminal, civil or immigration offences you have committed, you need to have a written consent of your guardian & full contact details with you as well.

The third and final of the UK visit visa requirements necessary for completing this process is to locate your nearest VFS centre where you will have to submit your biometrics to complete the requirement process.

It is to be noted that the category of Standard general visa is extremely wide and it is very difficult to comprehend the expansive nature of Standard general visa especially if you’re applying for the first time. This whole process may seem extremely daunting. We at The Smartmove2UK, a niche immigration law firm and the UK visit visa consultants in Chandigarh are here to provide you with our expertise and knowledge with the help of our UK qualified solicitors who have over 10 years of experience in UK immigration law.

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