Members of the LGBT community with same sex partners who are either British citizens or individuals who are settled permanently in the UK are permitted to live in the UK under certain provisions that cater specifically to same sex partners, namely the same sex partner Visa. This Visa may be seen as an entry clearance into the UK for a same sex partner of a UK resident.

It might be hard to approach friends and family regarding sensitive issues such as same sex relationships in India. However, if you are an Indian having a same sex partner in the UK, do not hesitate to consult a same sex partner Visa UK consultant in India itself. Professional immigration consultants will handle your same sex partner visa case with utmost professionalism as well as confidentiality. Yes we do exist.

Not many people might know about it but the United States celebrates something known as “The Day of Silence” in April every year. The initiative was taken by a student-run gay and lesbian support group called GLSEN.

As part of their vision, GLSEN has attempted to create a day to remind the world that the conversation revolving around prejudices against individuals of different sexual orientation is important to be had.

They call this day “the day of silence” as a play on words of how the world remains silent regarding anti-gay and anti-lesbian crimes and incidents. The day of silence was celebrated on Sunday, the 15th of April, in several public schools and educational institutes both in and outside of the US. There were discussions held, posters put up and several other creative events to encourage people to speak up regarding their own opinions on the LGBT community and lifestyle.

Where do we come in this whole discourse?

The SmartMove2UK is proud to say that we actively support any initiatives undertaken with the vision of making the world a more secure place for individuals of every type. We do what we can in our own way: encourage members of the LGBT community to understand options available for same sex partners wishing to live in the United Kingdom.

Same sex partner Visa or Spouse Visa UK?

It is important to inform you that it is possible to switch to a Spouse Visa UK from a same sex partner entry clearance from inside the UK, should the applicant meet all the relevant requirements according to the immigration rules. Click here to have a quick look at these requirements.

If you are curious regarding what entitles one as a “same sex partner”, or have any queries regarding such a process, do not hesitate to contact our associates at The SmartMove2UK.

The SmartMove2UK is proud to wish every member of the LGBT community the best of luck in all their endeavours, be it a same sex partner visa to the UK or a peaceful life anywhere in the word. But if you do think UK Visas, think The SmartMove2UK.

If you have any comment or want to know anything about the UK Same Sex Partner Visa or UK Spouse Visa then you can call our immigration expert in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore or you can also connect with us on

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