For 2019 the most recent full year before the pandemic hit 2020, the Home Office received almost 3.6 million applications from outside the UK, of which 439,949 were refused.

A visa rejection is the primary concern for any UK Visa applicant. The UK is one of the hubs for migration in today’s world. Therefore, many people apply for UK visas. UK Visas consists of Work Visas, Business Visas, Tourist Visas, and many more. As per the data, there were 373,580 visas refused in 2018.

In order to not be part of that statistic, let’s discuss –

10 Most Common UK Visa Rejection Reasons 2021 for several UK Visa categories that you should keep in mind:

1. Mistakes in the application form

A single mistake in the application form can lead to a refusal. Always fill in the form correctly and double-check all the information mentioned. Make sure you are consistent when providing information in your personal statements.

2. Large Deposits – UK Visit Visa

In the UK Visit Visa, the applicants submit their bank account statements as a proof of their financial situation. Many times these bank statements reflect huge deposits. Applicants usually fail to explain the source of these deposits in their cover letter and often get refused.

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3. Wrong Visa Category

Many times people often select wrong visa category and later get refused due to the same. For instance, some people select UK Fiancé Visa as their category instead of Spouse Visa and many more.

4. Documents Not Submitted

Another reason for UK Visa rejection is that people often fail to submit their supporting documents. Some fail to submit the bank statements, some fail to submit their relationship documents, etc. So at the time of your application pay utmost attention to what all documents you are including and what documents you are submitting.

5. Non-Disclosure of Previous issues

Often applicants have had previous immigration or legal issues that they decide not to disclose, such as bans or certain criminal convictions already spent — especially if a long time has passed. But the Home Office miss nothing and question everything. Worse still, if they believe an applicant has attempted to mislead or misrepresent themselves intentionally (deception) a UK visa refusal might be the least of your worries.

6. Failure to meet financial requirements

Another common reason for UK Visa refusal is a failure to meet the financial requirements. Every Points Based Visa application has to meet a certain financial requirement. Every applicant under these kinds of visa has to meet the criteria of financial requirement.

7. Documents not in proper format

One of the reasons for UK visa refusal is that the documents are not in the proper format as required by the Home Office i.e. the documents should not be laminated or torn, etc.

8. Correct Documents not provided

It is really important that you provide all the documents required for your application. Different visa categories require several supporting documents, so it is important to make sure your application is specific to you, and that nothing is missed out. It’s no good listening to someone who tells you they got a visa with A, B, and C when your application also asks for D, E, and F.

9. Insufficient Evidence of Relationship

If you are trying to secure a spouse visa or any dependent visa, the most common reason for denial in this situation is insufficient evidence of a relationship. You need to prove that your relationship is genuine by providing necessary supporting documents.

10. You did not seek expert advice and followed advice from friends

If you think that just reading from a website of the Home Office or by asking friends, it is easy for you to fill in application form correctly, provide documents which are required in the required format and order, then you may be wrong. You should ask the UK Visa experts as they know the nitty-gritty of everything when it comes to applying for a UK Visa.

Do not let any of these avoidable courses of action become one of your UK Visa rejection reasons. Approaching The SmartMove2UK (div. of SmartMove Immigration) for help ensures your visa has the highest probability of success. For further queries and clarifications, Call us on +91 98191 27002 or email us at and book your consultation appointment.

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