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Referring to typical cases regarding the UK Spouse visa processing time, a UK spouse visa application generally takes 10 to 12 weeks to be processed (3 months). But things can get complicated from time to time. Take the case of the Watsons for instance.

The UK Spouse Visa timelines have been a matter of considerable debate and personal trauma for many years now. This is because the Home Office takes an unjustifiably long time to process visa applications. And yes, it’s the time scale which is a problem in itself, regardless of how strong your application is. You might be set for a guaranteed visa acceptance, but you still have to wait. For how long? That’s the thing. You never know.

Here’s Mrs. Watson’s (formerly Arora) heartbreaking case due to the Home Office’s UK Spouse Visa processing time 2018.

Case Summary:

Mrs Watson is an Indian married to a British national looking to start a family living in the UK with her husband. She filed for her UK Spouse Visa application on the 26th of March 2018, and posted the required documents to Sheffield on the 11th of April. Verdict: she is still waiting for an answer from the Home Office.

Watsons Spouse Visa timeline (Case Details):

  • Application made on the 26th of March, 2018
  • Documents posted to Sheffield on the 11th of April.
  • Received confirmation on the 23rd of May regarding the receipt of the documents.
  • Communication from Home Office saying that the application is under process, along with the confirmation of having received Mrs. Watson’s documents.
  • The SmartMove2UK case workers were given a time period of 12 weeks for the UK spouse visa application processing timeline. (the time required to get a decision back from the Home Office)
  • June 2018: Home Office communicates back asking for some additional documents.
  • The required documents were sent across to the Home Office within 6 days.
  • No news from the Home Office for the next several months.
  • The SmartMove2UK solicitors make several paid communications for complaints, along with numerous direct phone calls to the Home Office.
  • Total amount spent for all the communications: almost £200
  • Response from Home office over all the communications: Case is under process.

It’s New Year’s Eve today and Mrs. Watson is still forced to stay away from her husband, and without any idea as to why. All this considering that Mr. Watson does meet the financial requirements for the UK Spouse Visa. There are so many other couples who do not meet this requirement are in an even worse scenario than the Watsons.

What’s being done now?

Our UK immigration lawyers have escalated the case to the relevant department. We believe we are going to hear something very soon. But this feeling of hope just feels like a delusion at this point; like hanging cheese in front of a hamster in a wheel….

But only so much can be said through words. The words used to describe such situations represent only the tip of the whole iceberg of trauma that families like the Watson family have had to face. They are at a crucial juncture of their marriage, and their lives. At a time when they should be spending time together, plan a life, and prosper, they are sitting separated thanks to UK Immigration procedures.

Mrs. Watson says that all she wants is for the Home Office to give an answer, one way or the other. The ambiguity is what’s causing the most pain. If there is ANY thing that the Home Office needs, be it extra information or evidence, they need to communicate it back to the applicant. It is unjustifiable that a case take so long without any foreseeable complications.

If you want to hear about Mrs. Watson’s in her own words:

What can you do?

If you or anyone you know is going through a similar case, or are looking to make a strong UK Spouse Visa application from the get-go, our immigration attorneys at The SmartMove2UK (a unit of Smart Move Immigration) can guide, support and assist you through every stage of your UK Visa application process. We have years of experience in handling every kind of UK Immigration and Visa process, including all the partner visas to the UK: the UK Spouse Visa, Fiancé Visa, Civil Partnership, or Same Sex Partner Visa.

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